My name is Herlinde Creyf and I am a creative beast by nature. 2020 was the year of change for me. My creative spirit convinced my mind and with a clear vision and diploma in Moroccan craftsmanship, I now go all the way for my passion. The focus of my designs lies in achieving harmony between function and aesthetics and exude modern simplicity.


The collection is crafted from a fantastic Italian cowhide leather, Piamonte. It has a wonderfully beautiful pronounced grain. That which makes leather as recognizable as leather, that typical pattern of the grain image. Leather lasts an incredibly long time, making it a durable product to work with.


All Herrys handbags and accessories are made with great love for the profession, completely handmade in Belgium therefore they are all unique. Both the inside and the outside are made of highquality leather. They are modern, timeless designs that are both functional an exude class. You can take them to any occasion and everywhere.


You can wipe your bag clean after use with a soft dry or slighly damp cloth. Perform a thorough cleaning once or twice a year to avoid dirt build-up.

  • Wipe your leather bag or accessory clean with a leather conditioner made specifically for leather.
  • To remove dirt, apply a small amount to a lint-free cloth. Rub in circular motion until fully coated. Let it dry for 24 hours.
  • For suede, avoid any contact with water and use a special suede brush to remove dust.

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